Accelerated classes at Ivy Tech Northeast provide three additional start dates for Fall 2014 semester

Ivy Tech Community College Northeast is offering numerous accelerated classes this semester in addition to the traditional 16-week semester, which started last week. Twelve- and four-week classes begin Sept. 22. Eight- and four-week classes begin Oct. 20. The final set of four-week classes begin Nov. 17.

The classes—which are shorter than those during the traditional 16-week semester—provide a number of benefits for students:

  • Those who missed registration have the opportunity to sign up for the Fall 2014 semester.
  • Currently registered students can add a class or two, allowing them to finish with their coursework sooner.
  • Because accelerated classes meet less often than 16-week classes, students save on gas and time.
  • Many students find it easier to stay focused on their coursework during the quicker pace of these classes.

Classes are available in areas including English, math, business, computer information, aviation, and more. Students can enroll in classes offered on any of the three main campuses or on a number of community campuses throughout Ivy Tech Northeast’s nine regions.

For more information, students can visit, visit the Express Enrollment Center at the Student Life Center (3701 Dean Drive), or call Admissions at 260-480-4268.

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North Anthony Corridor block party to bring neighborhood’s businesses, schools, churches together

The North Anthony Corridor Group will host a block party from 2 to 8 p.m. Sept. 7 along North Anthony Boulevard between Coliseum Boulevard and Crescent Avenue.

The family event—which is a collaboration of the neighborhood’s businesses, schools, and churches—will celebrate all the area has to offer. It will feature food, bands, games, a bounce house, face painting, vendors, an art show, a car show and more. Hospitality administration students from Ivy Tech Community College Northeast will be selling food at the event.

More than 30 businesses are gathering to make the block party a success, including Creative Framing, green DogGoods, Firefly Coffee House, Health Food Shoppe, and Wooden Nickel. The Old Fort Mustangers’ Club will host a car show, and the Allen County SPCA will have pets for adoption.

A portion of North Anthony Boulevard will be closed for the block party.

It is the mission of the North Anthony Corridor Group (NACG) to see the North Anthony Corridor become an attractive, neighborhood friendly destination and marketplace for the community, as well as a thriving, vibrant area welcoming the population of the nearby academic campuses.

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Ivy Tech Northeast to receive portion of $200,000 NASA grant split among four Ivy Tech campuses

Ivy Tech Community College has received one of 35 awards from NASA’s Office of Education, through the National Space Grant and Fellowship Program to increase student and faculty engagement in STEM-related programs (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) at community colleges and technical schools in the United States.

Six community college campus sites will participate in the Indiana portion of the partnership—four from Ivy Tech, including Ivy Tech Community College Northeast, and two from Vincennes University. Ivy Tech’s portion of the grant is $200,000, which will be divided among the four campuses involved. Regionally, the College will use its $50,000 to support completion scholarships and internship opportunities for students studying aviation maintenance technology and engineering.

For example, a number of students at Anthis Career Center take classes in aviation maintenance technology. When they graduate from Anthis, they have often completed their aviation coursework but are missing their general education requirements. Those students can earn these completion scholarships, enroll at the College, and take the classes they need to graduate. Upon graduation, they can find better-paying, associate degree-required positions. They can also take their associate degrees to a four-year institution to complete the final two years of their bachelor’s degrees.

“This is our first opportunity to work with the Indiana Space Science Consortium and to support NASA programs and missions,” says Karen Jones, Ivy Tech Northeast’s mathematics chair and the project’s writer. “This partnership is a rare opportunity, and we are humbled by it. We are thrilled at the potential this project has to connect Indiana’s citizenry to STEM fields.”

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Ivy Tech Northeast’s auto tech program receives equipment, technology valued at $96,000 from Morgan Distribution

Morgan Distribution, Inc. has gifted two bundles to the Automotive Technology program at Ivy Tech Community College Northeast through the Ivy Tech Foundation. The bundles consist of hundreds of pieces of automotive equipment, from paint and masking materials to collision repair equipment.

“It’s a generous donation,” says Jaron Grayless, the Automotive Technology instructor who helped secure the donation. “It allows students access to equipment and materials they wouldn’t otherwise see, and it frees up some money for me to buy equipment that I normally can’t—items I can’t afford because our budget’s so tight.”

For example, students wouldn’t otherwise have access to House of Kolor products, which largely make up the second donated bundle. House of Kolor makes high-caliber custom refinish products.

The first bundle is valued at $50,734.53, and the second is valued at $45,255.66, for a total worth of nearly $96,000.

Morgan Distribution is a wholesale collision repair distribution company based in Fort Wayne.

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Ivy Tech Northeast announces new dean for Technology division

Darrel Kesler, Ph.D.

Darrel Kesler, Ph.D.

Ivy Tech Community College Northeast is pleased to welcome Darrel J. Kesler, Ph.D., as the college’s new dean for the Technology Division. He began his role at the College Aug. 20. As Ivy Tech Northeast’s technology dean, Kesler will oversee more than 15 academic programs. The previous dean, John Walter, is now a full-time faculty member in the Technology division and has been with the College since 1985.

Kesler’s experience includes more than 35 years of education, research, outreach, and administration at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the Colleges of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine. He was a professor of animal and biomedical sciences and technology and has authored 147 articles in peer-reviewed journals and numerous patents, book chapters, and other articles. Kesler has been recognized by his peers in the workplace, nationally and internally for teaching, advising, and outreach.

“We are looking forward to Dr. Kessler joining our team,” says Cathy Maxwell, vice chancellor for Academic Affairs. “He has had an outstanding career which will enhance our Technology Division. I am sure his knowledge and experience will be a valuable addition to our administrative staff here at Ivy Tech Northeast.”   

He is a multidisciplinary scientist and technologist with postgraduate education in biomedical engineering. Kesler has also worked as a consultant with business and industry, including companies like Abbott Laboratories, Inc., Merial Ltd., and Pfizer, Inc. Some of his research has helped revolutionize the livestock industry world-wide with an innovative paradigm and technology to treat infertility and to synchronize and to artificially inseminate beef and dairy cattle and water buffalo.

“It’s an honor to be selected to provide leadership to an outstanding institution, and I welcome the opportunity of becoming reacquainted with northeast Indiana,” says Darrel J. Kesler, Ph.D. “I anxiously look forward to facilitating educational efforts, working with faculty, staff and students, orchestrating a shared vision to sustain excellent programs and the creation of new programs and alliances with corporations, and providing outreach to the community.”

Kesler earned a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in Reproductive Sciences and Technology. His undergraduate and graduate studies were completed at Purdue University with a B.S. in Animal Sciences and an M.S. in Animal Sciences and Communications. He has also given presentations, conducted research, and taught internationally, specifically in Egypt, Belize, Mexico, South Africa, Honduras, and Brazil.

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Ivy Tech Northeast announces Summer 2014 Dean’s List

Ivy Tech Community College Northeast is pleased to announce the Summer 2014 Dean’s List. The Dean’s List, prepared and published each term, gives recognition to students who:

  • Are degree-seeking.
  • Achieve a minimum 3.50 grade point average in non-academic skills advancement courses with no Ds or Fs.
  • Earn six or more Ivy Tech credits during the semester.
  • Have earned at least 12 non-academic skills advancement credits during their course of study.

See below for a full list of students who have met those requirements. Students are listed alphabetically by county, city, and last name.

Last Name First Name City State Province County Description
Bleke Miles - - -
Wise Russell - - -
Durbin Haley Decatur IN Adams
Engle Nicholas Decatur IN Adams
Geimer James Decatur IN Adams
Mendez Tina Decatur IN Adams
Resendez Edward Decatur IN Adams
Tinnel Brooke Decatur IN Adams
Werling Heidi Hoagland IN Adams
Alleyne Quiniou Audrey Fort Wayne IN Allen
Alvarez Juan Fort Wayne IN Allen
Alzayadi Khulood Fort Wayne IN Allen
Arruza Janelle Fort Wayne IN Allen
Axson Cassandra Fort Wayne IN Allen
Barnes David Fort Wayne IN Allen
Baum Kelli Fort Wayne IN Allen
Beachler Sarah Fort Wayne IN Allen
Beaman Melody Fort Wayne IN Allen
Bedree Mitchell Fort Wayne IN Allen
Beert Amy Fort Wayne IN Allen
Beloch Miles Fort Wayne IN Allen
Berkshire Megan Fort Wayne IN Allen
Bohnstedt Nolan Fort Wayne IN Allen
Bola Baljit Fort Wayne IN Allen
Bourounis-Brodien Dimitra Fort Wayne IN Allen
Brand Marquice Fort Wayne IN Allen
Braun Lindsey Fort Wayne IN Allen
Brown Dawn Fort Wayne IN Allen
Butler Eddie Fort Wayne IN Allen
Callejas Guadalupe Fort Wayne IN Allen
Carboni Jackie Fort Wayne IN Allen
Carroll Cassie Fort Wayne IN Allen
Cartin Ryan Fort Wayne IN Allen
Case Amy Fort Wayne IN Allen
Chapman Kristi Fort Wayne IN Allen
Chmiel Edward Fort Wayne IN Allen
Coker Sharon Fort Wayne IN Allen
Cook Troy Fort Wayne IN Allen
Crouse Elizabeth Fort Wayne IN Allen
Curry Rhonda Fort Wayne IN Allen
Dettmer Darcy Fort Wayne IN Allen
Dillon Jordan Fort Wayne IN Allen
Dodane Jessica Fort Wayne IN Allen
Draper Amanda Fort Wayne IN Allen
Dufor Henra Fort Wayne IN Allen
Dunbar Zachary Fort Wayne IN Allen
Eck Kevin Fort Wayne IN Allen
Eme Bonnie Fort Wayne IN Allen
Enriquez Michele Fort Wayne IN Allen
Evans Debra Fort Wayne IN Allen
Ewing Felicia Fort Wayne IN Allen
Fanson Ashley Fort Wayne IN Allen
Fender Ashley Fort Wayne IN Allen
Fenker Rebecca Fort Wayne IN Allen
Firestine Nichole Fort Wayne IN Allen
Foote Leah Fort Wayne IN Allen
Fowler-Gerig Shirley Fort Wayne IN Allen
George Jennifer Fort Wayne IN Allen
Gerig Clayton Fort Wayne IN Allen
Glaspie Monique Fort Wayne IN Allen
Gosnell Dale Fort Wayne IN Allen
Graham Wilisha Fort Wayne IN Allen
Griffiths Justin Fort Wayne IN Allen
Gumbert Brittany Fort Wayne IN Allen
Guzman Mayra Fort Wayne IN Allen
Hagar Jennifer Fort Wayne IN Allen
Harrison Jessica Fort Wayne IN Allen
Hawley Kara Fort Wayne IN Allen
Heckber Sandy Fort Wayne IN Allen
Hinsey Richard Fort Wayne IN Allen
Hodges Aimee Fort Wayne IN Allen
Hoover Jeffrey Fort Wayne IN Allen
Hout Larry Fort Wayne IN Allen
Howey Heather Fort Wayne IN Allen
Hungate Mary Fort Wayne IN Allen
Hupperts Ryan Fort Wayne IN Allen
Hyde Paul Fort Wayne IN Allen
Igney Sarah Fort Wayne IN Allen
Irving Steven Fort Wayne IN Allen
Janovyak Dorothy Fort Wayne IN Allen
Kaur Navjoth Fort Wayne IN Allen
Kennell Michelle Fort Wayne IN Allen
Khan Rafaqat Fort Wayne IN Allen
Kilgore Trisha Fort Wayne IN Allen
King Cynthia Fort Wayne IN Allen
Kirchhoff Joshua Fort Wayne IN Allen
Kirtz Kolonja Fort Wayne IN Allen
Kneller Mackenzie Fort Wayne IN Allen
Kramer Johnathan Fort Wayne IN Allen
Krayem Yasser Fort Wayne IN Allen
Lanning Jessica Fort Wayne IN Allen
Lara Krista Fort Wayne IN Allen
Law Riley Fort Wayne IN Allen
Lee Jeveil Fort Wayne IN Allen
Loe Jared Fort Wayne IN Allen
Lopez Tomas Fort Wayne IN Allen
Lopez Yanet Fort Wayne IN Allen
Lothamer Shirley Fort Wayne IN Allen
Lowry Julie Fort Wayne IN Allen
Luebke Alice Fort Wayne IN Allen
Maney Cameron Fort Wayne IN Allen
Mansberger Lisa Fort Wayne IN Allen
Marcum Jennifer Fort Wayne IN Allen
Mares Smera Fort Wayne IN Allen
Martin Ashley Fort Wayne IN Allen
Martin Jennifer Fort Wayne IN Allen
Martinez Michael Fort Wayne IN Allen
Mathews James Fort Wayne IN Allen
Mccoullum Nastocha Fort Wayne IN Allen
Meling Marissa Fort Wayne IN Allen
Mendenhall Lanny Fort Wayne IN Allen
Merchant Jason Fort Wayne IN Allen
Meyers Kristin Fort Wayne IN Allen
Meyers Melissa Fort Wayne IN Allen
Mikesell Marvin Fort Wayne IN Allen
Miller Vonda Fort Wayne IN Allen
Mink Melissa Fort Wayne IN Allen
Mongiello Brian Fort Wayne IN Allen
Myers Mason Fort Wayne IN Allen
New Aaron Fort Wayne IN Allen
Newsome Amanda Fort Wayne IN Allen
Niedermeyer Tyler Fort Wayne IN Allen
Nordlund John Fort Wayne IN Allen
Obeid Dana Fort Wayne IN Allen
Paden Shiquita Fort Wayne IN Allen
Passmore Christa Fort Wayne IN Allen
Patterson Brittany Fort Wayne IN Allen
Peebles Julie Fort Wayne IN Allen
Pennell-Madden Michelle Fort Wayne IN Allen
Perkins Ashley Fort Wayne IN Allen
Pernick Justin Fort Wayne IN Allen
Phyu Sabel Fort Wayne IN Allen
Price David Fort Wayne IN Allen
Prince Kari Fort Wayne IN Allen
Quintana Brenda Fort Wayne IN Allen
Ramirez Martinez Francisco Fort Wayne IN Allen
Reamer Tamara Fort Wayne IN Allen
Reese Megan Fort Wayne IN Allen
Renkenberger Devin Fort Wayne IN Allen
Robinson DeEdra Fort Wayne IN Allen
Robinson Tasha Fort Wayne IN Allen
Ruckman Erica Fort Wayne IN Allen
Salamone Mary Fort Wayne IN Allen
Schaaf Adam Fort Wayne IN Allen
Scheeringa David Fort Wayne IN Allen
Schrensky Christopher Fort Wayne IN Allen
Shaneyfelt Natalie Fort Wayne IN Allen
Shannon Alisha Fort Wayne IN Allen
Shaw Kathryn Fort Wayne IN Allen
Simon Jeffery Fort Wayne IN Allen
Small Joseph Fort Wayne IN Allen
Smullen Nicky Fort Wayne IN Allen
Steffen Jordan Fort Wayne IN Allen
Sturm Andrew Fort Wayne IN Allen
Suel Brittany Fort Wayne IN Allen
Sunkavalli Satya Fort Wayne IN Allen
Tholen Rubi Fort Wayne IN Allen
Timmons Alexandria Fort Wayne IN Allen
Tran Thai Fort Wayne IN Allen
Varner Andrea Fort Wayne IN Allen
Vazquez Javier Fort Wayne IN Allen
Vazquez Javier Fort Wayne IN Allen
Vonlanken Lauren Fort Wayne IN Allen
Vranich Danny Fort Wayne IN Allen
Wagner Justin Fort Wayne IN Allen
Welbaum Jacob Fort Wayne IN Allen
West Billy Fort Wayne IN Allen
Williamson Robert Fort Wayne IN Allen
Williams-Whitt Bridget Fort Wayne IN Allen
Wilson Ashley Fort Wayne IN Allen
Wood Audrey Fort Wayne IN Allen
Wood-Trimpe Christine Fort Wayne IN Allen
Wright Kenneth Fort Wayne IN Allen
Wright Tondra Fort Wayne IN Allen
Yarde Anne Fort Wayne IN Allen
Zemaitis Brenda Fort Wayne IN Allen
Markham James Harlan IN Allen
Dickson Kaylah Huntertown IN Allen
Eubank Katherine Huntertown IN Allen
Kral Matthew Huntertown IN Allen
Petre Dustin Huntertown IN Allen
Tekle-Wold Desta Huntertown IN Allen
Perry Trampus Leo IN Allen
Shuler Amy Leo IN Allen
Thomas Melissa Leo IN Allen
Rhymer Ricky Monroeville IN Allen
Roeback Michael Monroeville IN Allen
Biggs Rhen New Haven IN Allen
Dorsey Courtney New Haven IN Allen
Hadley Christy New Haven IN Allen
Kaufman Brittany New Haven IN Allen
Kaufman Sasha New Haven IN Allen
Kennedy Michelle New Haven IN Allen
Lockhart Erin New Haven IN Allen
Marion Shawn New Haven IN Allen
Reedy Ashley New Haven IN Allen
Tulley Casey New Haven IN Allen
Wert Danielle New Haven IN Allen
West Kara New Haven IN Allen
Worthington Jacqueline New Haven IN Allen
Hanley Dale Roanoke IN Allen
Dowty Brian Spencerville IN Allen
Bultemeier Greg Woodburn IN Allen
Gingerich Caitlin Woodburn IN Allen
Maroney Gregory Woodburn IN Allen
Coulter Mary Yoder IN Allen
Dyer Robert Montpelier IN Blackford
Berryhill Shannon Ashley IN De Kalb
Charles Amanda Ashley IN De Kalb
Campbell Allie Auburn IN De Kalb
Keller Damon Auburn IN De Kalb
Michael Christopher Auburn IN De Kalb
Mock Theresa Auburn IN De Kalb
Smith Charles Auburn IN De Kalb
Topp Joshua Auburn IN De Kalb
Ullom Stacie Auburn IN De Kalb
Watson Angelica Auburn IN De Kalb
Hulbert Hannah Butler IN De Kalb
Sanchez Kimberly Butler IN De Kalb
Delacruz Maximo Garrett IN De Kalb
Lawson Nicholas Garrett IN De Kalb
Lee Christina Garrett IN De Kalb
Reneau Michael Garrett IN De Kalb
Wisel Charity Garrett IN De Kalb
Kimmel Scott Laotto IN De Kalb
Laney Katarina Spencerville IN De Kalb
Coler Shane Waterloo IN De Kalb
Morris Caitlin Muncie IN Delaware
Graf Kimberly Akron IN Fulton
Roberson Rhonda Grand Blanc MI Genesee
Blake Samantha Marion IN Grant
Schroder Joseph Huntington IN Huntington
Scott Seth Huntington IN Huntington
Scott Tamara Huntington IN Huntington
Seifried Christopher Huntington IN Huntington
Sommers Austin Huntington IN Huntington
Wine Julia Huntington IN Huntington
Korthal Tyler Roanoke IN Huntington
Martin Debra Warren IN Huntington
Boze Cydney Pierceton IN Kosciusko
Hicks Carol LaGrange IN Lagrange
Carunchia Jennifer Wolcottville IN Lagrange
Hughes Karrah Mendon OH Mercer
Deel Kassondra Cromwell IN Noble
Collins Sean Kendallville IN Noble
Grubb Kristina Kendallville IN Noble
Isaacs Robert Kendallville IN Noble
King Cheri Kendallville IN Noble
Lehman Brianna Kendallville IN Noble
Russell Jessica Kendallville IN Noble
Thacker Katrina Kendallville IN Noble
Weade Sidney Kimmell IN Noble
Arnold Bradley Ligonier IN Noble
Rhodes Cherise Rome City IN Noble
Deemer Joshua Antwerp OH Paulding
McDougle Brandon Paulding OH Paulding
Nuest Adam Payne OH Paulding
Durr Jacob Winchester IN Randolph
Buchanan Michael Mishawaka IN St Joseph
Howald Crystal Angola IN Steuben
Werner Pamela Angola IN Steuben
Willis Tina Angola IN Steuben
Grinage Lori Fremont IN Steuben
Hamrick Tina Fremont IN Steuben
West Lisa Hudson IN Steuben
Cheney Kelly Convoy OH Van Wert
Kelsey Chester North Manchester IN Wabash
Lopez Beatriz Bluffton IN Wells
Miller Holly Bluffton IN Wells
Miller Jessica Bluffton IN Wells
Ritchey Carolyn Bluffton IN Wells
Ritchey Carolyn Bluffton IN Wells
Weber Ashley Bluffton IN Wells
Zimmerman Samantha Bluffton IN Wells
Fiechter Brooke Keystone IN Wells
Towle Rachel Ossian IN Wells
Wamsley Lorelei Ossian IN Wells
Wells Katie Ossian IN Wells
Franklin James Churubusco IN Whitley
Wormcastle James Churubusco IN Whitley
Grable-Gibson Skyler Columbia City IN Whitley
Green Kathryn Columbia City IN Whitley
Grepke Nicole Columbia City IN Whitley
Jackson Raymond Columbia City IN Whitley
Johnson Rebecca Columbia City IN Whitley
Kaminski Angela Columbia City IN Whitley
Kessler Elizabeth Columbia City IN Whitley
Lowrey Malynda Columbia City IN Whitley
VanHouten Alan Columbia City IN Whitley
Whitehurst Sara Columbia City IN Whitley
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Aug. 16 Express Enrollment Day at Ivy Tech Northeast to allow students to complete enroll steps all at once

Ivy Tech Community College Northeast will host an Express Enrollment Day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Aug. 16 in the Student Life Center on North Campus, 3701 Dean Drive.

The steps required to enroll for classes at Ivy Tech Community College Northeast are varied, and they include an assessment, financial aid paperwork, meeting with an advisor, and more. Visit for full enrollment steps. But at Express Enrollment Day, prospects, applicants, and students can visit the college and leave ready to start beginning Aug. 25, the start of fall semester.

Those wishing to have a head start at Express Enrollment Day can take a few steps prior to attending:

  • Apply to Ivy Tech Northeast for free online at
  • Bring taxes to receive help filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (or FAFSA).
  • Bring SAT, ACT, or PSAT scores and a high school or college transcript to receive an assessment evaluation.

For more information, prospective students can call 888-IVY-LINE to speak with an enrollment specialist.

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